I ran up the Horse today. Well nearly ran – and wouldn’t you if you had just been offered a lift down in the helicopter? A chance for a video I thought as I gasped and panted my way up the hill after Dave (the hooker-on) had made the kind invitation. As we headed for the door, bending low in the down draught, I vaguely remembered watching Anika Rice doing the same thing all those years ago – only she was a lot more elegant!The team had been in action since 0900 hrs and when I arrived on the Horse there were only a few bags to go. We could see a real squall of rain out over the bay, but it wasn’t too bad on the hill.  At about 1120 hrs I snapped the last bag being lifted and the job was done – just as the rain arrived.

As I strapped myself into the helicopter, the rain really hissed down and the view for my 60 second journey was largely obliterated. I did take a little video – but I suspect that the sound of my breathing will drown out the helicopter!

After the two minute run-down, the blades stopped and I emerged from my first ever helicopter ride.  I took a couple of photos and then Dave suggested taking one of me with Wes, the pilot. Apparently folk like to be photographed with the pilot! It was when I was taking another of the three of them, that he mentioned the rainbow – which I had not even noticed. Now what are the chances of a perfect rainbow within minutes of the last bag of scalpings being removed?

More photos then – but sadly I missed the moment when I am convinced that I saw the Horse wink…………

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