Well the sun is shining today and those white bags of scalpings continue to glisten on the White Horse.  But not for long, I am happy to say, as the Veritair helicopter is due back this week on Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th to remove them.

The limited daylight means that the helicopter will be operating for most of the two days over the footpaths again, so we would very much appreciate the co-operation of walkers in avoiding these routes. Quite simply we cannot fly half ton bags of stone over the heads of walkers, so the Ranger team will be on hand to advise the public and ensure that the operation is suspended if safety is compromised.

I have been up on the Horse a couple of times since my last blog – the first was to see the Gregorys team finishing up their herculean task – needless to say they were very happy to have the job done and were off for a minor celebration.

The second climb was to take some detail photos for the team looking at the Horse outline.  We are all aware that the monument is going to look worse before it looks better, but the next important step of establishing the outline is now under way. 

To say that the final removal of the scalpings will be a “load off our minds” is an understatement ………!

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