Well I have just about dried out after a quick photo reconnaissance up on the Horse – just about 20minutes was enough for me, but Greg walker and the team were up there all day………..

After the helicopter work last week, the lads were back up on the White Horse yesterday in perfect weather, raking scalpings from the grass and rapidly filling bags from the piles remaining. So rapidly, in fact, that they ran out of the fresh bags and the Coastal Ranger team had to join in by emptying bags down at the farm and ferrying them up. A phone call to Warmwell Quarries yielded another forty available for today (thank you!) and so with the Rangers on the shovel, the supply was maintained.

What a difference today! I climbed the hill in the driving wind and rain to find the work still continuing apace. Nobody was enjoying it though – and my arrival coincided with the first time a full bag made a bid for freedom. They caught it – and then had to re-fill it before making the weary climb up to their vehicles for lunch.

I headed back down and called to see the guys emptying the bags, hard at it down below.  They seemed pretty cheerful considering……….

The last of the scalpings should be bagged tomorrow and then it will be the turn of the helicopter again.  The dates for this are yet to be confirmed as there is certainly more than a day’s lifting to be done.  Fingers firmly crossed for some decent weather for it!

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