A meeting of the Osmington White Horse Restoration Group has once again reviewed progress, using the experience gained to assess the viability of a number of options that are open to us to complete this phase of the project. The Restoration Group expressed their deep appreciation for the outstanding help that has been provided by the army, the Dorset ACF and the local community thus far, but there was also great sensitivity to the fact that the aim must now be to complete this current phase as soon as it is possible to do so.
The removal of the remaining scalpings may have to involve a combination of several methods. These may include the further use of a helicopter lift in order to minimise any adverse impact on the surrounding SSSI area, and possibly the use of chutes where this is found to be practicable. Discussions are taking place with various parties who are able to offer their services in completing the current phase of this challenging project.
Restoration Group attention is also now being focused in more depth on the tasks that will need to be addressed when this phase is complete. These include the methods of identification and delineation of the restored outline of the figure, and the way in which the restored surface of the figure will need to be stabilised in due course.