I had a day away yesterday and as I headed home, down Church Lane, I saw the effects of the heavy shower on the hillside. As expected, our “White” Horse was showing more than a hint of brown!

I say “as expected” because having spent four days with my nose very close to mother earth up there, I knew that this is indeed the colour of the soil and stone mix that is both on the surface of the Horse and also appears from the many freshly dug rabbit holes on the hillside.  The good news is that it gets a lot lighter when it dries out .

This morning I managed to find the time to edit up my video of the Commando helicopter operation.  I am afraid it was a bit windy up there, even in the quiet moments, but it gives an idea of the superb operation and the flight-path towards Osmington at one extreme and Sutton Poyntz at the other. 

It also shows that the worst of the dust at White Horse Farm had been blown away by the time these bags were delivered – the first delivery was in a total white-out.

And then this afternoon, I opened the Dorset Echo (read it here) to find the story on page 6 with John’s fantastic photo of the operation.  It quite made my day!