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I can’t help but be impressed by the collective effort going into this! Saturday’s hard graft with the all-singing, all-working Army Cadet Force teams (what a brilliant set of kids and officers) was followed by yesterday’s appearance of a Sea King helicopter that plucked 10 builders bags full of stone scalpings from the hillside. Sgt […]

The team from Commando Helicopter Force did an awesome job high up on the slopes of White Horse Hill at Osmington. On the ground were the Mobile Air Operations Team consisting of Sgt Richie Stevens, Cpl Jonathan Reed and Lt Cpl Ryan Sceats. And, piloting 845 NAS (Sea King Mk4) were Lt Jim Ashlin, Lt John […]

What a day !  I feel almost lost for words!  My pulse rate is almost back to normal after the excitement of this afternoon, and the shower has removed another kilo of dust, but nothing will erase the memory of being that close to a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter in action on the White […]

I’m very fortunate, perhaps uniquely so, in that my office window overlooks the White Horse. Every day I ply my trade tapping away on my keyboard travelling to the other side of the world on the information superhighway and to the even further reaches of my imagination. Whenever I come home the horse is still […]

 A bright and breezy day with fantastic views across the valley to Portland and Weymouth. The hill is teaming with hard working and breathless cadets of A Company ACF, raking and bucket filling.  I was not breathless, not tired, I felt as fit as a fiddle, after all I had only climbed for half a […]

Just in case anyone is wondering – this software has a mind of its own – adding and removing paragraphing in a random way!So back to yesterday and okay – I was late again!  I woke late at 8.00 after having completed Friday’s blog at sometime past midnight, but my lateness on the Horse was […]

Well today was the second day of the Dorset Army Cadet Force’s help on clearing the gravel from the monument and I learned quite a lot up there on the hillside. Once again we were lucky with the weather – warm but cloudy. I got up early with good intentions of being up there well […]

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Well Monday the 26th July was a busy day indeed! Phil met me at 8.00am to discuss the photography and then headed off to the main road for some distant photos. Mark arrived soon after and we walked across the fields to wait for the Cadets to arrive. Somehow I was imagining Land Rovers and […]

Here are some photos taken by me on the 22nd of July, Hopefully we’ll see some an appreciable difference in the White horse over the next few weeks.