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Anyone approaching the Horse last Friday morning, bright and early, would have got a bit of a shock to find three white suited figures, like a forensic team from “Waking the Dead”, busy up there. No murders or mysteries though – just the County Rangers team spraying the creeping thistle on the body of the […]

Stewart Ainsworth is excited about our White Horse project. And for this senior researcher with English Heritage, who has worked on more hill figures, monuments and ruins than most of us have had hot dinners – that makes it rather special! When Peter Addison (also of English Heritage), John Hayes, (DCC Senior Ranger) and I […]

It is not easy climbing up the White Horse with a broken little toe – but it is possible.  And on Thursday it was essential for me to do it, because our Horse was being surveyed by what I can only describe as the “A Team” – and I wanted to be there! To explain […]

Only joking. You won’t see it this white again for a while. Two more great photos from Chris. Click thumbnails for larger image

As most of you will know, we are now at the end of several months of very hard work by everyone involved, including the Ranger Service, in removing the limestone scalpings that were threatening the outline of our White Horse. I am very grateful that this challenging operation was also recorded for us by Chris […]

Well it turns out that the helicopter was louder than my gasping after having “run” up the Horse on Friday.  It is only a brief video, made in the midst of a squall of rain, but it gives a helicopter view of the naked White Horse in all its glory. Yesterday morning, a chance phone […]

I ran up the Horse today. Well nearly ran – and wouldn’t you if you had just been offered a lift down in the helicopter? A chance for a video I thought as I gasped and panted my way up the hill after Dave (the hooker-on) had made the kind invitation. As we headed for […]

As I squelched across the fields this morning, all desire to climb onto the Horse for photography deserted me – which was just as well, as I was met by one of the Ranger’s new recruits, who very politely suggested that I didn’t go any further!Yes, I was a little late, and the Veritair team […]

Well the sun is shining today and those white bags of scalpings continue to glisten on the White Horse.  But not for long, I am happy to say, as the Veritair helicopter is due back this week on Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th to remove them. The limited daylight means that the helicopter […]

Well I have just about dried out after a quick photo reconnaissance up on the Horse – just about 20minutes was enough for me, but Greg walker and the team were up there all day……….. After the helicopter work last week, the lads were back up on the White Horse yesterday in perfect weather, raking […]