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Well it is about seven weeks since I was last on the Horse, and as I looked out to see the rain had cleared, I wondered what had happened to my resolution to be fit and ready for the “final push” ……… The good news though, was that the day’s work was to be on […]

“Are they coming?” I asked John Hayes as I stood in the field squinting through the horizontal rain. I had not phoned before I left the house, as I knew he would be up for it whatever the weather, but now I had my doubts as I looked up at a deserted White Horse from […]

I will not record the words that came into my head when John Hayes told me over the phone that the planned work on the Horse was going ahead. I did mention to him though that the hill was invisible under a bank of cloud and that the rain was horizontal…….. And I was definitely […]

My day started with losing my small camera – a real gem that I can keep in my pocket and which still just about works after all the dust and abuse it has had to put up with on the White Horse project. My wife Liz and I spent a merry half hour searching for […]

FRIDAY 15th JULY YOU ARE INVITED TO OBSERVE THE START OF THE CLOSING STAGES OF  THE OSMINGTON WHITE HORSE RESTORATION PROJECT THIS PROJECT STARTED OVER TWO YEARS AGO. IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT ABOUT BY The Osmington Society, local Councillors and members of the community, experts from Dorset Countryside Rangers Service, the Council’s Historic Environment Service, […]

My muscles were not amused. What – climb up on the hill again? You have got to be joking! And I do not think they were alone in thinking that – some County Ranger and PGL muscles were no doubt feeling pretty much the same on Sunday morning. But climb it we did – though […]

It’s strange how one can end up making history – even with a mattock. I know they did it that way two hundred and three years ago when they cut out the White Horse on the hillside using mattocks, shovels, baskets, carts and muscle power – but hey this is the 21st Century!  Some things […]

I learned a new word on Thursday. Well to be honest I already knew it and have nodded sagely when it was mentioned in the White Horse discussions, but I only really knew what it meant when I climbed the Horse to see two of the County Rangers, Nick Tarrier and Elliott Green hard at […]

I guess we have all played a game of join-the-dots at some stage in our lives, but on the last day of June I took part in a game that was of, dare I say it, Olympic proportions! To be honest, it wasn’t a game – but high up on the White Horse it was […]

For the past few months, we have been working with English Heritage and Ordnance Survey who have been making an absolutely key contribution to the on-going project. The primary focus thus far has been on reconciling various forms of evidence of the original outline of the monument, with a view to being able to ‘cut […]