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The Osmington White Horse is currently looking rather faded; whilst this is somewhat normal for this time of year, it has been exacerbated by Dorset Council not spraying to remove weeds etc. due to Covid-19 pressures. It will be sprayed in April ’21 – the exact date is weather dependent as the wind and thermal […]

Various technical problems delayed the official opening ceremony until the Spring of 2013, which to most would suggest a cool but pleasant day with plants and trees bursting into life after the long cold days of winter. Indeed, the first couple of weeks of March were dry and mild and most of us thought that, […]

Well it is official – as the Dorset Echo has reported, some 204 years after it was created to honour King George III, the Osmington White Horse has finally received the “Royal seal of approval” from HRH The Princess Royal. When Geoff and Christine Codd had been organizing the Princess’ visit to celebrate the creation […]

When preparing the agenda for our Restoration Group meeting last week, I could not help but reflect on how much our ambitions for our project had changed over the two and a half years since the project started. Apart from Steve Wallis’ archaeological input and John Hayes’ experience on the hill, we were a motley […]

I have to admit that I felt a bit sad this afternoon as I walked home across the fields. It was only about fifteen months ago that Geoff Codd asked me to take some progress photos on the White Horse project, but it somehow seems to have been far longer that we have been working […]

“Did you doubt us?” asked Nikki Jenkins, deputy scout leader for the Weymouth East Scouts and ‘Houlding’ Explorers, fixing me with a steely glare.  “No, of course not!” I lied as I looked in astonishment at the progress they had made on the Horse’s tail since I had left barely a couple of hours earlier. […]

“I didn’t realize it was this steep!” said Royal Navy photographer Chris Mumby as I met him on the hillside.  And that sums up just about everyone’s reaction when they first climb it. I later learned from his co-photographer, Tony Scott, that the Royal Navy are well used to steep hills as there has been […]

Am I getting fitter? When I am on the Horse I can convince myself that I am – but that climb up the 30 degree slope always gets me. Maybe it’s the amount of time I spend at the computer, processing photos…….. Anyway, it was nearly eleven when I joined the seven man R.N.A.S team […]

I didn’t envy the lads from 702 Squadron on Monday. I was in London and so didn’t have the pleasure of joining them on the windswept hillside. At least the sun did shine for them for most of the day and the winds didn’t quite reach ‘hurricane’ force. With Dorset Countryside Rangers Nick and Elliott […]

Well I guess it was inevitable really.  I mean when John Hayes looked at the two back legs yesterday – one pristine and ‘ship shape’ and the other littered with stones washed down by the recent rains, he was just going to have to make the ‘front back leg’ a priority. And by the time […]